Tri-Beam™ Adjustable LED Garage Ceiling Light Bulb

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The easiest, most efficient way to improve lighting conditions in your garage, basement, attic, or working area!

This assembly requires no installation or additional wiring, simply screw the Light into the socket as you would a standard light bulb. 3 adjustable heads each feature 48 LEDs providing 6,000 lumens of bright light that can be aimed to any desired location. Optional motion sensor picks up movement from 360°; light turns off after 2 minutes of no motion. Light can be switched to “On” mode which operates the light with the standard wall switch.

  • As easy as screwing in a new light bulb
  • No tools or professional installation needed
  • Less expensive than complicated shop lights
  • No extension cord required
  • Aim light into dark corners of the room
  • Perfect for the garage, attic, or basement
  • Survives drops onto concrete



Technical Specifications:

Color temperature: 6000K
Casing material: Aluminum + plastic
Voltage: 85-265v
Power: 60W
Light source: LED SMD
Luminous flux: 6000LM
Light efficiency: 100 lumens / watt
Life span: 50,000 hours
Interface standard: E27 connector
Approximate size: about 25x9.6 cm / 9.84x3.78 ''
Product Weight: 650g (1.4 lbs)
Beam angle: 180-360°
Use: Indoor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Steven Robinson
Huge upgrade for garage lighting

Initially we had replaced the original garage light bulb with a higher lumen cfl bulb and while this was an improvement,this product was a leap ahead,in terms of luminous power. The product is smaller than I expected. After screwing it in to the garage light socket and flipping on the switch I was nothing short of in awe of how bright the lights were.

Dortha Hudson
Perfect bright tri bulb

Tired of spending so much time and money on trying cheap ways to get light into my garage I decided to splurge on this. I am so glad I did as this tri LED bulb is awesome it terms of its brightness and color. It solved my issue of actually lighting up my entire garage and doesn’t hurt to look directly at. Trying to explain this bulb quickly is hard to do as it’s more than a bulb. It fits in a standard socket and since LED doesn’t waste energy. It also has motion sensor on it for good 15’ or so of detection. When you screw it in you can angle the lights to add extra spotlights to areas. The motion can be turned on or off which is nice if I decide to move this somewhere else or want to control only by light switch in the future. The price is a little high but you get quality from it which I don’t mind paying for.

Cristian Spencer
If you're in the dark, this will solve it

I purchased the non-motion-detection version of this light. I already have motion switches in my garage and workroom, but I wanted to see if this would be a good way to give a bit more light in my workroom. My workroom has a single bulb and it's in the middle of the room, so I have a hanging light over my work bench. I replaced the single bulb with this one and OH MY GOODNESS MAKE IT STOP so bright - the different is unbelievable.

Lexus Thompson
Excellent lighting upgrade

The lights installed easily, same as a standard light bulb. They are crazy bright for 60W and the ability to tilt each "blade" to a different angle is a great feature. On the plus side, they are a huge improvement over the aged CFL lights that we had in our garage. On the negative side, now we see all the dirt and junk that was easy to miss in the dim CFL light!

Leon Lesch
Super great light

I really didn’t expect this bulb to be this bright. I’ve been wanting to improve the lighting in my garage for a while. There are many options out there, but I have to say buying this bulb is probably the most affordable and most effective method. It’s also super easy to install. Just like how you replace a regular light bulb in your house. Definitely worth the money. Now I don’t need extra flash light in the garage when I’m detailing my car!

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