NiftyTray™ Food Storage Container
NiftyTray™ Food Storage Container
NiftyTray™ Food Storage Container
NiftyTray™ Food Storage Container
NiftyTray™ Food Storage Container
NiftyTray™ Food Storage Container
NiftyTray™ Food Storage Container

NiftyTray™ Food Storage Container

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NiftyTray™ food storage is the easiest way to keep sliced meats, cheese. fruit, veg and leftovers fresh. Simply place any food on the tray and close the lid. Ultra-resistant film seals around the food for 100% airtight storage.

Ideal for everyday use as well as meals on the go. It stacks neatly in your fridge, and a detachable lid means it even doubles as a serving tray.

  • Suitable for refrigerators and freezers
  • Stacking design saves valuable fridge space
  • High-quality material can be reused after cleaning (dishwasher-safe!)
  • Easily seal and preserve food
  • Keeps food fresh for longer than traditional methods

These trays are environmentally-friendly, preventing waste from other plastic wraps and metal foils that end up in the garbage bin.

High-quality materials, with a certain degree of resistance to penetration and compression, so as to achieve the perfect sealing of food.

Attractive design & elegant appearance, suitable for all occasions, including parties, picnics, and other events.

  • Preservation layer material: Advanced elastic film
  • Tray material: Environmental protection PP
  • Color: Red & White
  • Weight: 350g
  • Dimensions: 30cm * 22.9cm * 2.9cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
love them so much

awesome! saves space and keeps food fresh. the film is very strong and durable but doesn't squish the food.

nifty food trays

I can very well stack them inside my fridge and it saves me lot of space. The transparent color allows me to see what is present inside the containers and no more bending and searching for the stuffs that I need. My fridge tray looks very much organized now. Sturdy and good quality containers. A must to have for every kitchen!


I bought one of these, then a full set, then a second set. They work.

It isn't magic, and it isn't especially complex... but the fact that these trays are airtight makes food last WAY longer than it does when you try to wrap it yourself with any kind of plastic wrap or foil.


I just got this set the other day. While others have talked about the long term benefits of this product, I am going to focus on the short term benefits I have experienced. The lettuce is now much crispier - just like the high end restaurants. I usually cut my tomatoes in half, using 1/2 and saving the other half for the next day. Previously, the unused half started getting mushy by the next day. Not now. This storage unit keeps it firm and fresh. Ditto for red onions and cucumbers. For these benefits alone, this product gets my 5 star rating.


Love these. They keep my fridge very organized and food stays fresher longer. We’ve also been eating more fruits and veggies since we can see what we have now.