Portable Camping Fire Pit

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  • Portable & easy to set up - This Premium Campfire features a rollable stainless steel net and high quality folding legs. No tools are required to assemble it - you can bring it everywhere!
  • Eco-friendly - The structure is crafted with anti-heating eco-friendly stainless steel, and have been specially designed to limit ash and debris around it
  • Perfect for backyards, beaches, wet ground, backpacking trips, and so much more!





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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Roberto Kautzer
Worth every penny!

Took to a festival and this thing impressed everyone. It held up. We were able to stack quite a bit of logs on it. The ashes didn't fall through and when we dumped it out the next day, I thought the screen would have ashes compressed into it, but they came right off. We got this because it fit in our car, very portable, lightweight and easy to fold out and set up. Stick feet under for warmth!

Dovie Goyette

I love this little fire pit. I was looking for something small that I could pack easily and this is perfect. I've used it twice so far, first time with a Duraflame log and the second time we used real wood. It held 3 decent sized logs. I was a little worried about the weight but it held up just fine. Easy clean up too, the next day after the ash was cool I just dumped it in the trash and hosed of the mesh. Would definitely recommend this, and the price is great too.

Dewayne Gislason

It's been a very long time since we initially bought this product, but having used it the other night on a friends lawn, I would have to say that this is the perfect fire pit for all occasions. We bought wood from Walmart and set it up in the front of the yard and easily fit three the four big logs on there. The fire stayed lit and the embers stayed hot for hours due to the mesh on the bottom. Although there is enough airflow to keep the fire going, nothing falls through. When the night was over and it was time to pack up, I was able to pick up the legs of the fire pit while the fire was still lit and was able to carry it to the street and dump it without getting burned. It took less than ten minutes for the fire pit to cool down and even less time to put away. Would highly recommend this product.

Allie Reilly

I am very impressed with this product, at least from my 3 day mountain trip experience. It held up great with 5-6 hours of nightly use with some good size fires. I was concerned that the mesh could not possibly last but it proved me wrong on this trip. Even more amazing no ash or embers feel through to the ground. Everything stayed in the mesh mat which made for easy cleanup. This was important to me since i was on a friends property and did not want to damage their lawn. I also purchased the Stansport tripod grill to go with this for cooking and together they were awesome and we ate well. The fact that this product folds up into a little small carry pouch made it even more convenient. I could not recommend this product more. Don's second guess. Buy, Buy, Buy! I highly recommend.

Tiara Jones

This is a great product. It worked really well on a recent campout and helped us to leave no trace while still allowing us a source of warmth and a way to roast marshmallows for s'mores. I like that it collapses and saves valuable cargo space in my vehicle that I couldn't do with a traditional fire bowl. And it really does hold up virtually all the ash. Only the finest ash powder slipped through and that's easily mixed into the underlying dirt when everything else is cleaned up and packed away. When packing it back up, do be careful how the screen is wrapped around the legs because it is possible that the screen mesh, while durable, could get pinched and punctured with the corner of the square bracket that holds and supports the legs. And while it can certainly support the weight of the better part of an average bundle of firewood, I wouldn't go crazy on loading it up. A few split logs, as shown in the product pictures is plenty sufficient.

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