RoboBait™ #1-Rated Robotic Fishing Lure

Color: Fish A
Sale price$39.99


  • The latest in fishing technology, RoboBait™ lets fishermen effortlessly reel in more fish.
  • This robotic lure has a rechargeable battery that charges via USB cable and swims with realistic, lifelike action to distract the fish from other nearby lures.
  • With RoboBait™ by your side, you'll catch more fish, bigger fish, and better fish!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Randall J Tomaso
Extremely cool lifelike lure

I was pleasantly surprised on the action of this lure. It is so lifelike in the water. I tested in our pool and have not had a chance to try it during prime fishing weather but I expect big results. The float (bobber) that is included could be slightly bigger. This lure is powerful enough to pull it under and it might be hard to tell if you get a strike when it’s out of sight.

Timothy Jackson
Caught a fish first trip out !

Caught a nice one first time using it. Haven't gone out a second time yet but this thing works !

Tom Rogers
Amazing fishing lure

Caught multiple big fish from this robotic swimming fish. Such an amazing idea. I should have thought of it a long time ago. No kidding.

Stanford Marvin
Game changer

I bought this as a birthday gift for one of my best friends who go fishing regularly. He has some lures but he never bought this kind of robotic swimming fishing electric lure before. He has been using since I gave him during the weekend and he told me he enjoyed and caught more fish than before. Good choice as a gift for fishing people.

Bradley Homenick

fast delivery, now charging. Will give aditional info when fishing. Looks good so far.

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